Introducing Pubg game Pochinki place And Area


In a real life pubg game Pochinki is a small village but It’s very beautiful and big place about 200 km (124 miles) and 700 km (435 miles) east of Moscow.

Introducing Pubg game Pochinki place And Area

The town consists of a large concentration of houses and outposts, with strong amounts of gear, weapons, and military grade equipment and attachments. It also have a multiple garage, Hospitals which are spaced around the town and connected Road each others.

Introducing Pubg game Pochinki place And Area

Common Equipment

  • Sniper Rifles (Low)
  • Assault Rifles (Med)
  • Submachine Guns (High)
  • Shotguns (High)
  • Pistols (High)

Introducing Pubg game Pochinki place And Area

Points of interest

  • The Central Hall Is an area around the centre of Pochinki which has a high loot spawn and a garage outside, harbouring a Dacia.
  • The Trenches are very deep and creative crevices just outside Pochinki that provide excellent cover and Many Guns allow for escaping and firing.


  • If playing in a pubg game squad, it is common for around 4-5 squads to land in Pochinki, and battle it out until only one squad controls the town. If you need to escape the town because of this, the garage are always easy to access to make an escape run and firing.
  • Watch for snipers and enemies in the outpost and outside the houses With a high counting of guns and bombs (For the map) of guns and sniper rifles, are help of pro players are often waiting to pick out those escaping from the town.
  • Do not approach and hide in the town after 5-10 minutes. squad and duo mode team will have control over the town and pick you off on other squads and kills the enemy approach.


  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Very High
  • Risk: Very High

Stop landing here! otherwise you want to practise and win the match to warm up, or die quickly that is the game of pubg game Pochinki has good loot and loads of it, but it’s always packed, its very difficult as well as very hard to know where hide teams are (and so very easy to be killed by any persons them) because of the enemies number of places to hide, and it’s just generally an all round the enemies and death zone.

Great for the practise though, or hiding and emergency looting if you’re travelling through and later on, but there are other similar options with slightly lower risk and slightly higher reward that aren’t far away. It’s very fine to go for it and play, but don’t expect it to suffer be safe, ever.

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